Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yoga.styx Monday: "the first limb of yoga - yama"

Yama can be thought of as a concept that promotes a process of evaluating our attitudes (emotions) utilised within the paradigms of yoga asana & pranayama (Devereux, 2002; Iyengar, 2001).  How can we maintain a sustainable yoga practice when these attitudes influence our behaviour; which is also influenced by desire?

It is suggested that in order to regulate or harmonize the first limb of yoga, yama, the following elements may help your yoga practice (Devereux, 2002).  These elements are; sensitivity (awareness), honesty (use what we can do), openness (safety in our practice), focus (presence of mind) and generosity (relinquish judgement -good & bad - towards what we can and cannot do) (Devereux, 2002).

Keep up the yoga and smile...


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