Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas & festive New Year Wishes 2013

My personal reading this Christmas is to endevour to review our perception of 'mula bandha' as well as our perception to what is our centre...

So,here we go!  The bonding or more commonly known the root lock called 'mula bandha' draws our attention to our centre (Stone, p.34, 2008). So how do we determine that which is our centre?
Maybe may I even dare to mention the word;our core.

This is where a discussion could occur on, what is our core, and the many discrepancies that surround this often overused underexplained four letter word. But when you ask people 'what is our core' some will instinctively just describe the core through movement, by placing their hand above the pubic bone and below the navel while circling around and over 'the belly'.

But, my intuition is drawn towards liking Stone's, 2008, description as being 'the centre of the pelvic floor' which is 'the centre of gravity for human beings"( Stones, 2008). He explains this to be the practice of yoga, the yoking, that takes place while in asana as we think and pursue sensations & feelings that eventually will lead us to our true centre of gravity inducing 'mula bandha' through exhalation the resting place of the mind (Stones, M., 2008).

May you all prosper in health...

Renate Vetter
Backroom Yoga, Red Hill

Stone, M., 2008, The inner tradition of Yoga - A Guide to yoga philosophy for the       contemporary practitioner, Shambhala Boston  London 2008

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